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Training Fees

The Tallaght Tomiki Aikido Ryu (TTAR) is run as a “not for profit” organisation. This means, all revenue received by the club is used purely to operate the club and to invest in our coaching development & students’ learning to enhance their enjoyment of Aikido.

 TTAR's team of  instructors/ coaches are all volunteers, giving their time purely for the love of Aikido. What this means is that we can provide excellent value for money to all our members.


We do not operate membership contracts as they are unfair to people whose circumstances (busy lives) mean they cannot always be there at every single session, and very unfair to those who, for whatever reason, stop training but have to continue paying due to being “locked in”.


We are not interested in making money from our students. We do not need to “lock people in” as we are confident that the enjoyment and the learning of valuable skills is sufficient to ensure our students attend.


Despite our modest income and expenditure, we endeavour to provide our students the best in Aikido coaching, whether it be from our own team of instructors or from external instructors. We regularly organise and attend both national and international seminars with access to the best coaches/ instructors. You can see some of the photos and videos of these courses and seminars on our relevant pages.


Students who are awarded their grades have worked hard and genuinely deserve them. We are most definitely NOT a “Mc Dojo” or “Black Belt Mill”. When you are ready for your next belt, you will most definitely have earned it! Every student develops at their own pace. There is no pressure placed on students to grade unless they feel they are ready to do so.


Our pricing structure is intended to be fair and affordable for all.


Payment Options - Monthly Subs

Our subs are paid on a monthly basis depending on whether you attend one or two classes per week. They are paid monthly to reduce banking fess and administration. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. 

Juniors/Students/ Unemployed    Monthly Fees for One class per week - €20

Juniors/ Students/ Unemployed    Monthly Fees for Two  classes per week - €40

Employed Adult                                     Monthly Fees for One class per week - €40

Employed Adult                                     Monthly Fees for Two classes per week - €80

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