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Tallaght Tomiki Aikido Ryu

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Rules of Conduct

The behaviour of an Aikido student in the dojo is promted by respect for the dojo and for the people in it. In general, this behaviour conforms to "good manners". Students of the Tallaght Tomiki Aikido Ryu must adhere to the following rules of conduct:


All instructors must be adressed as Sensei.


Students will have the highest respect for the dojo.


The style taught will be Tomiki Aikido.


All students must show each other equal respect.


The same standard will apply to both male and female students.


No messing will be tolerated on the tatami.


No jewellery or watches will be worn during training.


Students must ensure that their Gi is clean and presentable for each class.


Beginners must wear plain black tracksuit bottoms and a plain white t-shirt.


After a students first grading, they must invest in a Gi, for the purposes of training.


Fingernails and toenails will be kept short.


All students must help placing and stacking the mats before & after training.


All students should try to be at the dojo at least ten minutes before a class begins to set up the dojo and get changed. This will allow classes to begin on time. If any students needs to leave a class early, please inform the coach/ instructor at the BEGINNING of the lesson.


If you cannot make it to training please inform one of the coaches in advance. This allows for classes to be planned in advance.


All students must be covered by insurance organised by the club secretary.

Students must advise the Sensei of any injuries or disabilities and ensure that these are recorded on the clubs application form.

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